Resolution K9 Romeo Ingreso
Romeo Ingreso

Romeo Ingreso has worked for a large metropolitan law enforcement agency in the Los Angeles area for 25 years, as both a deputy sheriff and a sergeant. Romeo has worked such assignments as custody, uniformed patrol, patrol training officer, gang suppression task force member, detective and canine handler. Romeo's area of expertise is in the field of tactical canine deployments and the training of police service dogs and their handlers. Romeo handled a police service dogs for ten years in both a patrol and tactical (SWAT) environment. Romeo was the unit K9 trainer and was responsible for police service dog procurement, all facets of police service dog training, firearms training and related tactical training for several years. During these years, his K9 unit flourished into one of the most well respected and active K9 units in the country. Romeo also supervised and managed an entire large canine unit and was responsible for its overall performance. Romeo’s experience comes from actual participation in and conducting the after action and documentation of large scale tactical incidents. Romeo has participated in actual operations including armed barricaded suspects, high risk warrant services, high risk area and building searches and hostage rescue operations, at both the canine handler and supervisor level. During Romeo's time as the unit trainer and supervisor, he served as the liason to various civilian oversight committies. Romeo developed and implemented liability reduction measures that served both the indvidual K9 handler and his agency alike.

Romeo's experience in actual operations is only eclipsed by his expertise in police service dog training. In addition to Romeo's law enforcement experience, he was involved in the dog sport Schutzhund for many years. He was recognized as one of the top training and trial helpers in the nation. This combination of dog sport training complimented his ability to train and deploy police service dogs. Romeo's ability to successfully train patrol dogs capable of operating in many environments is unsurpassed. Romeo has successfully trained several dogs from puppyhood to fully deployable and working police service dog, a rare accomplishment. His understanding of dog behavior and how it relates to tactical canine deployments allows him to train police service dogs to an extremely high standard.

His blend of law enforcement and dog sport experience provides Romeo with a unique understanding of the training needs of the modern police service dog and the handling skills required to successfully deploy during tactical operations. Romeo has trained with SWAT teams, military members and police service dogs throughout the nation. He is a recognized subject matter expert in the area of training and deploying police service dogs and related topics. As a co-founder of Resolution K9, Romeo is dedicated to your success and safety.

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