Resolution K9 services

RK9Expert Testimony and Legal Opinions

Resolution K9 is proud to offer expert testimony provided by recognized subject matter experts in the training, deploying and maintenance of police service dogs and related topics. Resolution K9 subject matter experts are prepared to conduct in depth extensive reviews of civil litigation cases involving police service dogs. In addition, Resolution K9 subject matter experts will professionally prepare and offer written opinions. Defend your police service dog units with subject matter experts who have won not only in the streets but in the courtroom as well.


RK9Police Service Dog Program/Unit Review & Analysis

Resolution K9 is comprised of subject matter experts who possess extensive experience managing and guiding active police service dog units. The subject matter experts at Resolution K9 are prepared to provide agencies with an unbiased review and analysis of police service dog units. This analysis can/will include a review of policies, procedures, tactics, training and protocols.


RK9Police Service Dog Candidate Procurement & Selection

Police Service Dog Procurement is one of the most crucial, yet least considered aspects of police service dog training and deploying. Resolution K9 instructors can provide agencies with assistance in selecting the right police service dog candidate. Selection of an unsuitable police service dog candidate can cost an agency time, money and wasted resources. Experts from Resolution K9 will help you select the right dog for any mission.


RK9Agency/Unit Mission Specific Training Programs

Resolution K9 instructors have years developing and implementing canine training programs. Experts from Resolution K9 are prepared to create and implement custom training programs designed to fit individual agency/unit needs and mission requirements. From designing canine maintenance programs to developing tactics and protocols for the most complex of operations, Resolution K9 is ready to help in any way.


RK9Event/Operation Specific Planning & Strategy Consultation

Resolution K9 is ready to assist you in preparing for your next high profile/high risk event. With years of operational experience during these demanding missions, Resolution K9 can offer guidance and recommendations while preparing for these events. Experienced in deploying both detector and patrol/SWAT police service dog teams, Resolution K9 can offer the insight and experience necessary for success. From planning to actual implementation, Resolution K9 can assist with all phases of the operation.